At eGate, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge solutions for job site monitoring in the construction industry. Our expertise lies in optimizing project schedules, reducing risk, and improving efficiency. Our commitment to innovation, precision, and reliability sets us apart from other alternatives.

Here’s why eGate stands out:

1. Real-Time Job Site Monitoring and Data Insights

 Real-time Cloud Dashboard:
Monitor data and alerts from multiple job sites simultaneously using intuitive eGate cloud dashboard – accessible anywhere and anytime.

 Most comprehensive Sensor Selection:
Choose from a variety of remote job site sensors (wireless/IoT) to effectively track and alert environmental conditions, including concrete moisture, dust particle levels, air temperature and humidity, and more.

2. Cutting-Edge Technologies and Compliance Solutions

 ePredict (U.S. Patented):
eGate’s concrete drying time forecasting technology is backed by a U.S. patent. Regardless of if your concrete slab takes one month or four months to dry, now you can stop guessing – ePredict will forecast the right schedule!

 Silica Dust (Quartz dust) Monitoring:
Stay ahead with eGate Dust13-sensor, designed for accurate silica dust area sampling, tested, and 3rd party validated to replace old cyclone pump method as a faster, real-time area monitoring solution.

 Pressure and Dust Particle Monitoring:
Industry-first combination of BOTH negative pressure and dust particle monitoring, for hospital construction ICRA 2.0 compliance.

3. Reliability and Industry Approval

 Third-Party Validated Methods:
Trust the accuracy of eGate sensors and measurements, validated by independent 3rd party experts (reports available per request).

 Best-in-Class High-Precision Sensors:
eGate state-of-the-art sensors ensure unmatched accuracy and measurement stability – manufactured by eGate in EU-Finland.

 Approved by Leading General Contractors:
eGate is the choice of top contractors for reliable monitoring, with over 500 million data points already collected from construction job sites.

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