eGate Procore Integration

eGate is collaborating with Procore to bring real-time construction job site data to all Procore software users.

The eGate application will display all the job site IoT sensor data and alerts, including air temp, RH, concrete moisture, concrete drying speed/prediction, air dust and dP monitoring, and more. eGate application for Procore can be downloaded at Procore Market Place.


  • After the eGate application is installed from the Procore Marketplace, a configuration must be created on Procore software side by selecting ‘Global Projects Config’.
  • For Procore user to see their project’s condition data in the eGate application, they needs to login on eGate (from the application or, navigate to corresponding job site, modify its properties and assign Procore project ID for it.

For any questions about eGate-Procore integration or installation, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Simple and easy


Login to eGate (from the application or online


Navigate to your corresponding project site


Modify the “Site Information” and assign Procore project ID to its designated field

For any questions. please contact eGate at


On Procore Platform:

Project sites on map:

ePredict™ Forecasting:

ePredict™ Forecasting:

Sensors on floor plan:

Sensors on floor plan: