As a cloud-based platform, eGate software enables remote, real-time monitoring of construction sites and environmental conditions inside buildings, 24/7.

eGate wireless monitoring solutions are designed to help put your mind at ease. Knowing a state-of-the-art, wireless monitoring system is watching, safeguarding, and data logging critical data on your jobsite or inside buildings, and knowing that in the event of failure, you will get an alert in your pocket – provides peace of mind!

 eGate real-time monitoring

eGate software platform includes the following powerful features:
  • Works on any device, mobile and all screen sizes
  • Intuitive interface, with measuring points displayed on floor plan/ map
  • Real-time data access can be shared with multiple user groups for full transparency
  • Comprehensive reporting to meet the needs of different stakeholders
  • Customizable notifications and alerts triggered by min/max condition tresholds
  • Simple APIs available for integrating the data with any third party solution

eGate cloud dashboard will monitor and alert changes on multiple environmental parameters, including humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter, moisture in concrete, concrete strength and CO2.

eGate User Interface