Real Estate Developers

The developer may require construction company to use real-time and comprehensive jobsite condition monitoring to ensure that the project quality and environmental safety meet the required standards.

The developers using the eGate service get direct access to comprehensive reports on the development of the environment conditions on the jobsite. The measurement reports can easily be created and examined from desired measurement points over the selected time period.

Concrete monitoring with wireless RH/T sensors

Wireless sensoring of the floor concrete casting (RH-T) can be used to anticipate, design and monitor very accurately and reliably the schedules and issues related to the flooring material installation on the concrete slab.

The accurate measurement with embedded sensors inside concrete ensure that the concrete slab has been properly cured before the flooring installation. In addition to real-time alerts, e-Gate jobsite reports include historical data per each measurement point, to ensure that any condition criteria in the structures and air was within the acceptable range during the work.

After the floor installation is completed, the remote concrete temperature and humidity monitoring can continue under the floor cover for over several years.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring

Temperature (T), relative humidity (RH) and carbon dioxide (CO2), hazardous particles (PM 0.4-13) and larger particles (PM 0.8-40), VOC gases atthe construction site air can also be measured, to ensure ideal environmental conditions during the project.

The sensor components and technologies used in the eGate service represent the highest possible quality with the market leading precision and reliability.