eGate enables real-time, wireless and highly reliable 24/7 monitoring and reporting of construction jobsite conditions.

Concrete Monitoring

By using wireless concrete sensors (RH-T), it is possible to anticipate, design and monitor very accurately and reliably, the schedules and issues related to the flooring material installation on the concrete slab.

eGate sensors can be either embedded inside the concrete before pouring (attached to rebars) or can be later inserted inside the concrete through drilled holes. Remote temperature and humidity monitoring can continue after the flooring is completed, under the floor cover, for over several years.

Air Quality Monitoring

eGate air quality sensors monitor various measurement parameters, including the temperature (T), relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2), hazardous particles (PM 0.4-13), larger particles (PM 0.8-40) and VOC gases.

With eGate service, the conditions of the construction site can be monitored and related data is stored for later analysis or potential litigation related purposes. Versatile reports are generated from the measurement data points, to be reviewed at jobsite meetings, or delivered to the developer/building owners as part of the project documentation.

The sensor components and technologies used in the eGate service have been developed together with construction engineering experts, representing the highest quality with market leading precision and reliability.