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In bridge construction, measuring the bridge deck concrete strength before opening the bridge for traffic is part of any modern bridge project of today. The strength measurement is typically done with crunching sample concrete cylinders or using temperature sensors inside the concrete pour, for the strength calculation with maturity algorithms.

The problem with this is: the short-term strength is not a guarantee for the LONGER-TERM STRENGTH over several years. That is why many bridges that are supposed to last 100 years crumble down already after 15 years of operation. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) report there are over 46,000 bridges in the USA that are structurally deficient or in “poor” condition.

According to the latest industry research, the longer-term concrete strength can be only secure if both the temperature and humidity are measured to stay within set criteria during the concrete curing.

eGate Nsens is the first-in-industry bridge deck concrete sensor, that can monitor the bridge deck conditions and validate that the optimal humidity and temperature conditions were present when the bridge deck was built.

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