Rudus and eGate Collaborate in Developing New Tool for Concrete Strength Measurement


June 9th, 2022  – Rudus Oy, a leading provider of construction materials and services, and a part of the global building materials group, CHR, today announced that it has partnered with eGate Smart Building Innovation Oy, to develop an automated solution for concrete strength measurement. Rudus will integrate eGate into its BetoPlus software for automated data collection and real-time monitoring. eGate is using cloud-connected IoT sensors that measure the concrete temperature and calculate the compressive strength of concrete in MPa (PSI).

“Together with eGate we have continued to develop our BetoPlus platform toward a more advanced and automated solution,” says Mr. Mika Autio, Director, Technology Development, Rudus Oy. “Thanks to eGate, BetoPlus users can now access live status of concrete strength development in 24/7, wherever they are. This is one of the most advanced system of its kind. We use small IoT sensors to measure concrete temperature onsite and get the data transmitted to the cloud directly from IoT sensors without the need for local wireless gateways. The results are reported in MPa format for various concrete mix recipes.”

Rudus will fully complete converting the BetoPlus installed base to eGate by the end of 2022.

For Rudus BetoPlus users, monitoring the concrete strength is now available real-time and automated with eGate technology.

“At eGate, our goal has been to make the concrete strength monitoring as easy as possible for the end-user,” says Jarkko Haukijärvi, CEO, eGate. “For BetoPlus we are using our core expertise in IoT-data analytics and advanced algorithms for concrete strength and drying curves. With eGate, the data collection is automated and can be stored for later analysis and reporting. The system also enables real-time alerts for triggering actions to adjust job site conditions. In the end, with the digitalization and real-time data access, we can improve the overall quality and efficiency of construction projects.”

Before eGate integration, the Rudus BetoPlus solution has been in commercial use for several decades with positive user feedback. Mr. Autio concludes: “Now with our collaboration with eGate, the BetoPlus platform will serve our clients even better; it’s easier and it’s automated. Our customers can start using the new solution today by contacting their local BetoPlus-contact person at Rudus.”


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