Lujabetoni Selects eGate IoT Cloud Solutions for Monitoring Quality of its Concrete Structures


May 17th, Finland – Lujabetoni Oy, a part of the Finnish Luja Group, and one of the leading ready-mix concrete suppliers in Northern Europe, today announced a leap into embracing the latest technology in its processes, by engaging with eGate Smart Building Innovation Oy and has started using eGate IoT sensors for monitoring the quality of concrete and structures.

eGate solution is capable of monitoring concrete temperature and strength remotely with wireless IoT sensors and cloud-based reporting. The final commercial system for Lujabetoni was developed in collaboration with Lujabetoni and eGate R&D teams in Finland.

The new solution enables monitoring the concrete curing in real-time, from the pouring of the concrete to the time when the building is opened for operation. It provides new insights into concrete curing by using advanced algorithms that makes it possible to analyze concrete and design strength.

– With this new technological innovation, we have automated the monitoring of the concrete curing process. It helps us make sure that the target strength in the concrete structure will always be achieved according to specifications, says Mr. Markus Haatainen, Director of Lujabetoni ready-mix unit. – In addition, when we also monitor the concrete air content levels and compressive strength, as a continuous process during the curing, the optimal strength can be now secured in the most reliable way.

With the eGate monitoring solution, the strength of the concrete can be reported accurately for each separate concrete mix and recipe.

– Lujabetoni has hundreds of concrete mix recipes for different market needs, and the strength development varies greatly between these recipes. Environmental conditions during the curing are also very important for the optimal results, says Mr. Tuomo Kovanen, Development Manager, Lujabetoni. – Therefore, monitoring the concrete at its final destination at the job site is very important for the overall quality control.

eGate solutions enable monitoring the real-time strength development also over the mobile phone. All the information from the curing process is stored in the cloud database. This also provides legal protection for the concrete supplier, as all the data history will be available for post-construction reviews.

– In the past, the data for concrete curing has often been collected with multiple tools and several times during the process. Sometimes the only data points recorded were during the time of the pour, and the final values were estimated based on experience, says Jarkko Haukijärvi, CEO, eGate Smart Building Innovation. – With eGate, the concrete strength information is now monitored in real-time, it’s an automated process, and the live data is available 24/7 for all stakeholders.

At the moment the eGate solution is in use on tens of Lujabetoni job sites and it has replaced the old temperature measurement method. – Our goal is that in the future eGate will be adopted as a standard method in all our customer projects for monitoring the concrete strength, says Mr. Kovanen.


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