eGate’s reporting features expand: eGate 2.0


In November, we will be completing the expanded Reporting feature for eGate Smart Building Innovation system. In the future, eGate reporting enables, inter alia:

  • Creating a wider Excel report from the desired measurement points and the desired time period (for example, across the entire site for all measurement points)
  • Visual Compilation Report where weekly averages of measurement results for a site/object/building and graphs generated from these.

The Excel report enables accurate data analysis, recording and reporting of measurement data.

The compilation report is an excellent tool for site meetings: Conditions and their development at different stages of a construction site can be easily addressed using both weekly averages and graphs.

You can view the compilation report in a web browser or save it as a PDF if desired..

The properties of eGate are developed to serve, inter alia, developers, builders and building owners whose aim is to produce and maintain high quality buildings with healthy indoor conditions. 

The main purpose is to ensure that the user of the building, or “human conditions”, is better ensured during the entire life cycle of the building. Higher quality construction results in higher quality buildings in terms of conditions, and constant monitoring of the conditions during the building’s life cycle allows for removal or detection of problems (e.g. moisture) in time. Analyzing accumulated data can further reduce degenerative factors from design to implementation.

Several developers and many significant builders have adopted the eGate system by autumn 2018. Reliability, transparency, high precision measurement accuracy, and easy usability of the service have received positive feedback from the users. Based on customer feedback, we will continue to develop the eGate service together with the best players in the industry.

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