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Breakthrough in Construction Safety: eGate Validated for Real-Time Dust Monitoring


Tampere, Finland – April 22, 2024 – A collaborative effort by Sitowise and eGate Building Innovation Oy has resulted in a significant advancement for construction site safety.

Combatting Construction Dust Hazards

Construction dust, particularly silica dust (quartz dust), a known carcinogen, from demolition and concrete work, is a known health risk for workers. To address this, Finland implemented a nationwide regulation (Vna 1267/2019) in 2019, placing dust control responsibility on construction clients and main contractors. However, the challenge remained – a lack of real-time dust monitoring methods to comply with regulations.

Developing a Solution

In 2020, Sitowise and eGate formed a working group to develop a construction-site-friendly dust monitoring device. The group included representatives from regional authorities, contractors, and Tampereen Tilapalvelut Oy, a construction management firm wholly owned by the city of Tampere.

eGate’s existing real-time measurement solution, leveraging IoT sensors and cloud data analytics, required verification of its accuracy against occupational hygiene methods. This was achieved through on-site testing at onsite demolition projects. The research, conducted over two years, refined the measurement methods based on practical experience.

“A practical tool for improved dust control”

“The need for practical dust control tools on construction sites is well-recognized,” says Jani Boström of Tilapalvelut. “This project has validated the measurement method’s reliability, allowing us to monitor site conditions in real-time and enhance worker safety.”

Reliable Real-Time Dust Monitoring

The research, completed in February 2024, confirmed a reliable correlation between eGate’s measurements and traditional cyclone dust collector methods. This signifies the eGate method’s viability for real-time dust monitoring and dust control effectiveness on construction sites. It’s important to note that it doesn’t replace occupational hygiene measurements for worker exposure assessment.

Next Steps: Standardization and Training

The development’s key takeaway is the need for standardized practice to verify the reliability of different measurement systems. This necessitates measurement system certification and measurer training.

In conclusion, this development project marks a significant step forward in improving construction site safety.

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