eGate and Sitebiotics to Bring IoT Monitoring Tools to the U.S. Construction Market


Companies Join Forces to Deliver a Better Way for Remote Monitoring of Construction Job Site Conditions, with Wireless High-precision IoT Sensors and Cloud Analytics.

Tampere, Finland, October 19th, 2021 – eGate Corp., a leading provider of cloud-connected condition monitoring solutions for construction job sites, today announced that it is expanding its partner network in North America. It has entered into an agreement with Sitebiotics, Inc. a constructions technology and service company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Under the terms of the new agreement, Sitebiotics will sell, implement and support eGate products in the North American market.

eGate works with its partners around the world to provide its high-precision sensor monitoring platform to customers in building construction, bridge construction, and other industry verticals. The eGate platform brings new monitoring and data collection tools to the U.S. construction job sites, including:

  • Cloud-based predictive analytics tools, directly connected to the sensors data on the construction job site
  • A family of wireless IoT sensors for air quality and structural monitoring
  • First truly wireless ASTM F2170 probe for concrete flooring projects
  • Bridge deck monitoring sensors for securing the long-term concrete strength
  • Dust particle monitoring tools for healthcare and clean room facility construction
  • And more…

Mr. Brian Gaudiano, Founder and CEO of Sitebiotics, Inc. said “We are extremely excited to be selected as eGate’s partner to roll out their offerings in the US market. Their technology and data collection is light years ahead of what has been commercially available in the US. We are about to change the face of cloud monitoring in the US construction market together.”

Mr. Jarkko Haukijärvi, CEO of e-Gate Corp., commented: ”We are excited to begin working with Sitebiotics team in focusing on the 1.3 trillion-dollar U.S. construction market. Over the years we have already proven eGate’s value and performance in Europe and have collected over 200 million data points from the European construction job sites. This enables us to hit the ground running in the USA. We look forward to jointly implementing eGate solutions at many of Sitebiotics’ customers in the very near future.”

eGate product availability in the U.S. market through Sitebiotics is targeted to 4Q21.

About eGate

eGate Smart Building Innovation Oy,, with its global headquarters in Finland, is an IOT-Cloud services company, with a mission to help all stakeholders in the building construction industry to save money and time and to minimize the buildings’ lifetime maintenance cost by improving the quality of the construction projects. General contractors, building owners, and construction service companies around the world trust eGate’s high-precision sensors and cloud data in gaining visibility into construction job site conditions.

About Sitebiotics, Inc.

Sitebiotics, Inc. is a company focused on making the construction and facilities industries smarter, safer, and more energy/environmentally conscious. This is accomplished through various IoT-related offerings that provide predictive and accurate data that will change how we build and maintain our properties, roadways, and land. Sitebiotics’ wireless monitoring solutions are designed to help put your mind at ease. Knowing a state-of-the-art wireless monitoring system is watching, safeguarding, and data logging critical data on your jobsite provides peace of mind.

For additional information please contact:
Jarkko Haukijärvi, CEO, eGate Corp.
Phone: +358-44-583-3410

Brian Gaudiano, CEO, Sitebiotics, Inc.
Phone: +1-724-366-0826

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Press Release – eGate and Sitebiotics v1.2